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First off, I am NO EXPERT on sex cam sites, rather I am just a guy that loves using these cool new sex cam sites. Basically any site that allows you to watch women get naked on their home webcams is A-OK in my book. Seriously though, if you are short on time I will share this right upfront. We are a Sex Webcam Reviews Site. Reviews are here.

How Live Sex Webcam Sites work

Currently this is my favorite free sex webcam site. Sure premium shows are free, but they are CHEAP.
Currently, this is my favorite free sex webcam site. Once you register, you can chat TOTALLY FREE. Sure premium shows are free, but they are CHEAP.

The reason I created this website is that I noticed a fair amount of self-professed experts posting sex cam site reviews that have totally bunk charts that re-direct people away from the good live webcam sites.

In turn, they take people to spammy or otherwise total scam sites!

Therefore, you are reading a sex cams reviews site written by a regular joe now. However, you should realize three things before you leave.

A. I have no horse in this race except for the fact that my work sometimes makes me a few bucks my sharing my honest opinions.

B. I know how things work and look at things from a very neutral perspective.

C. Over the course of the last two years, I have spent (totally removed) on 11 different sex cam sites. (Let’s just say it was a lot of money). So my point is I know exactly which sex cam sites are worth using and which live webcam sites to stay away from. I am focusing on the top 5 sex cam sites here at Sex Cam Site Reviews!

What you can expect at SexCamSiteReviews.com

In my opinion, I am more than qualified, especially considering the total bunk reviews I have read as of late. Specifically, charts claiming a person is getting more responses from one site than another are total and complete HORSESHIT, my friends. Clearly, whoever is writing those sex cam site reviews has never really used the sites. 


Because anybody who has really used live adult webcam sites will tell you that all the models unless they are pre-recorded fake shows, will reply on all the sites.

The REAL DIFFERENCE that you should really be made aware of is which sex cam sites are the best value to you! So let’s talk about what makes up a good deal…

No Sex Cams Expert, But I Sure Have Lots of Experience

So let’s use a little old plumber common sense. The ease of use of the site, the number of performers, the total price, these are the REAL things that people care to know about. I am not going to make this fancy or complex. Instead, I am going to make it short and sweet, without the honey-drizzled bullshit I have read online.

There will be a blog here with advice on getting the best value of live sex webcam shows. There will be some promotions that I will share from time to time. There will be reviews on the sex cam sites that I have tried. There won’t be anything else. Take it or leave it. I will of course add all the legalese blah stuff to cover my base. However, if you are reading this site you can expect to get…

Sex Cam Reviews You Can Trust

That being said we also just kicked off the blog and sex cams site reviews users guide. Over time we will cover more details on all sex cam site niches such as Asian live webcam sites. Until then I will share my favorite site below to give you a better idea about how I will be talking about my experiences using sites of this nature.

The only legitimate free adult webcam chat is from a site called Streamate.com. However, to get that you simply have to give them a crack at up-selling you. A GOOD TRADE ANY DAY OF THE WEEK!
The only legitimate free adult webcam chat is from a site called Streamate.com

So to start things off, I have found that for the best price Streamate is the best adult sex cam site online. (Reviews at that link).

However, LiveJasmin.com I also found to be a safe place with even more cam models.

For less than 30 bucks I got a package last year and I have been using both of these sex cam sites since. Just recently I have branched out to try the other sites out there and will share reviews as I try each site.

WHAT I LIKED ABOUT THE SITES ABOVE: There were never ANY SURPRISES and the charges do not look like they are related to anything adult. Nobody can tell from the charges on your card that you used any adult services whatsoever.

Also, the prices are fair, about 2 bucks a minute at both sites, and I am not forced to spend any minimums on either.

After I registered I got the minutes and they are waiting there for me when I want to use the site.

However the first of these two live sex cams websites allowed me to chat with the ladies a bit, check their cost of private shows, then decide.

When I am done I simply log out of that particular model show and that totally stops my clock and ends the show which keeps my remaining credits it tact. NO BULLSHIT, JUST THE WAY I LIKE IT.

The bottom line though is that my current first choice is streamate.com because I think buying credits in advance makes NO SENSE AT ALL!

However, I do like to mix it up a bit and so I use Flirt4Free sometimes too. I have been a member of both sites over 3 years now and have never had a single complaint or customer service issue.

Respectively these are the 3 largest adult webcam sites in the world, meaning it’s really hard to bash either! I mean come on now, like half a million people log in for shows every day. These platforms are far too smart to not realize that happy users keep coming back!

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