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What is Jerkmate? Honest Review & How it Works

Jerkmate is the newest scheme out there to have you register for a totally different adult webcams site than the one you’d actually think; Kinda funny huh.

It’s entirely true though that Jerkmate is basically a logo over the top of a cloned cam site.

Sorry, but we just state the truth versus pretending this cam site is something that it is not.

Today we are sharing our balls out and brutally honest review of the sex cams chat site Jerkmate. So for those of you asking is Jerkmate free or is Jerkmate legit and safe, this review will summarize everything you would ever want to know about the clone cam site at

What Jerkmate Costs: Is Jerkmate Really Free?

The honest answer about the true costs of using Jerkmate is that you merely need to realize that Jerkmate is not any sort of new thing.

In fact, the real live sex site that serves all the cams and has the webcam girls that work on Jerkmate is over 22 years old.

All Jerkmate does it use their white label program so it seems legit. Okay sure, it is entirely safe to register and use Jerkmate but as a member, you are just using a bridge site between yourself and the real sex cams service called

If I were you, after learning I would just scrap the idea of registering on Jerkmate and take a hard look at our Streamate review.

The fact is that the cam site (providing you are registering and using the real site) is one of the top sex cam sites. Sadly most adult cam reviews websites online are totally influenced by how much money they can make and so they have all jumped into the Jerkmate affiliate program and decided to write gleaming reviews of this cam site. Don’t believe me; just look:

Jerkmate as you can see above is the same as the cam site below. However, the cam site below is the original true source!
jerkmate is streamate
Jerkmate is Streamate, now do you see what we mean?

I should also note that you’ll find the same gimmicks at and here too at It is all the same nonsense.
Jerkmate exposed as Streamate.

When we searched for Jerkmate reviews, nearly all webcam review sites were ranking this as one of the elite sex video chat sites. What a crock! It’s no different AT ALL from the actual sex chat site that truly delivers the shows.

So when the URL is an entryway to another service but not directly controlled by the true cam site you want to use why in the heck would you ever join there? You wouldn’t. At least not if you knew the truth.

Here is what you get once you register at this cam site. Notice anything strange?

Here are 5 examples of reviews that make no mention of what Jerkmate is really up to:


Even ThePornDude omits the obvious fact this is a clone cam site. They too have link trades with the service that offered Jerkmate. All those different hands are in the cookie jar! ๐Ÿ™‚

What the Hell is Jerkmate Anyway?

robot sex cams
This robot sex cams ploy is totally ridiculous!

You see this is what is referred to as a ‘trick door’ a site of sorts designed to just to get you to register for another service. On the other hand, at S.C.S.R. we have always believed that transparency and honesty are number #1.

There are tons of webcam sex sites that act in the same way such as slutroulette.

We think that just explaining what a cam site is really like to use, people can and will decide by themselves if they really want to use sites like Jerkmate.

Moreover, not even sites like jerkmate, but the truly original nude chat websites like LiveJasmin, ImLive, or the underling true service provider in this case.

As far as Jerkmate costs their going to be the same as the real platform

jerkmate girls
The_Winter_Rae and thousands of other webcam girls seen on Jerkmate are not Jerkmate girls, their Streamate girls!

Another dead giveaway of this cam site not being unique is once you register at the real platform you can log in and use


Streamate costs are rounded to the nearest second. Gold shows are offered for flat rates for a set amount of time and private shows are all clearly marked. It’s easy to enter and end a show and overall it’s super easy to use and a fair value. That said, sticking to the real source is always advisable.

Jerkmake Review Summary

Look, man, Jerkmate is not original and we only use original adult webcam sites.

By original, we mean the true brand URL belonging to companies who:

  • A. Directly take payments
  • B. Hire and administer age verification
  • C. Handle all aspects of your experience using those sex cams.

We like to give you all the information on live sex cam sites but let you decide. In the case of Jerkmate, we believe it’s a strong pass because it offers nothing original.

Unlike which is original and we give stellar reviews because it is one of the best places to watch webcam girls for very reasonable prices. Always keep us in mind for all the online masturbation resources you can imagine.

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