Free Adult Webcams – Are they REALLY Free?

At Sex Cam Site Reviews TM we take pride in what we do and share only honest opinions which are no way influenced by the purveyors of adult webcams sites.

We actually use each site and really try all the features and REALLY JOIN EACH SITE. We do this because we think it is important for people to get impartial details on truthful experiences at live webcams sites.

Who would do this for FREE?!
Who would do this for FREE?!

The LATEST SCAM: Free Live Webcams

Free live webcams doe not exist in the world of adult webcams sites. Why?

Live webcams are a billion and that is BILLION with a B dollar business.

What you may or may not realize is that there are some 250,000 performers now and over 50 original adult webcam platforms or sites.

In just the last 24 months there have been 15 new live webcam sites that have launched around the world. The clip at which the sex cams business is growing is truly remarkable.

Many attribute this to the fact that people have learned that online dating is so filled with fraud and fake profiles.

At least when you use live webcam sites you know what you get!

Now let’s talk specifically about free live webcams and the myth that many adult webcam sites are using to lure in people. The truth is that the only thing you get for free is a glimpse, a peak, or a teaser.

It does not matter where you go or how long you search; you will not find a quality or good free live webcam site. True, I have checked European and Asian sex cams as well. Nothing comes free if you want quality stuff.

Free Adult Webcams
Free Adult Webcams do not exist because models do not WORK for free.


Why would a live webcam site want to be free and only make a little money from ads when they can make so, so much more by charging for live shows.

MORE IMPORTANTLY, all the models would leave. Women nor men who work on cam do not do so for free. The operative word is WORK. It’s work.

They are being paid. Would you get up and go to WORK tomorrow is what you sold were free?

Great, now that we covered this silly myth of Free Live Sex, let’s talk about the facts of which live webcam sites are worth actually paying for and where you can find the best deals on live sex cams.

For that, I suggest you mosey over to our reviews. If you are in a hurry I can tell you that this review and this review are the two top sites.

Findings and Conclusions:

If you think adult webcam sites are free for users, no sir, that’s never gonna happen. But you may wander around watching some live sex shows for 2-3 mins maximum but most of the hardcore sex cam shows won’t give free streaming unless the site pays for its models.

The idea of showing glimpses of sex cam shows is for attractiveness and frankly, no professional sex cam models would just show their body naked for nothing.

Curious to know which are the best sex cam sites to watch? Check out our Sex Cam site reviews here.

Free Live Webcams are part of their works to lure users into members. Do you get it? It’s a type of marketing that allows adult users to become a registered member. So the next time if you see any website that claims to give free sex cams, mostly it’s a gimmick.

Some of the sites like & genuinely offer sex cam shows of different models and couples for free.

Yes, not everything is free though.

If you wanna interact with the model, you gotta pay some money or buy some tokens to proceed with that.

Bottom line, live free webcams are not porn sites that stored videos, these are live cams which people have to perform live, and frankly, can we do sex cams for free? Think about it. It’s not entirely possible. Any upcoming site might ask and pay for some models to do it for free to gain users. Otherwise, LIVE FREE WEBCAMS are not possible at all.

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