Bongacams Reviews, Is It Safe? Site Information


  • How BongaCams works:

It’s not rocket science to sign up here at all. Upon arrival you simply complete the registration and then claim a starter package. Username, email and password are what they require as shown below. Packages as low at $10 dollars and you 5 free tokens just for registering.

Registration is fairly fast.
Registration is fairly fast.


  • What BongaCams models typically charge:

Your value story at is just that; a value. Expect to pay in the $2.00 to $2.50 range here and I can’t lie; the women are simply better looking in Eastern Europe and Russia and most of the models on this sex cams site are between 18-23 and in good shape. If they were English-speaking on a site like Streamate you’d be paying $6.00 per minute easy!


Unique Features of BongaCams

BongaCams is the only adult webcam site on the whole of the internet which lets you select which images you want to use as you browse. This means yo u can see their live cam shot or their profiles. This is truly cool because models are usually staged when it’s a models shot versus the webcam image that is live will better tell you want to expect in a live cam shows.

Also this site has a VIP option that is not $100 plus dollars like many other sex cam sites. At BongaCams the VIP option makes you feel alot more special because:

A. You get more from it: You get access to VIP only shows and you get to carry your VIP avatar as you bounce from room to room. Trust me on this, the $25.00 makes a HUUUUGE DIFFERENCE in how the models react when you say hello as well as when you ask for them to stand or even how they respond in private shows.

B. You are not paying extra for near the same appearance to models. (That is a problem at another site where you pay twice as much for VIP and frankly get nothing).

Lastly at BongaCams you can have total control over viewing size of the screen. Sure lots of other cam sites have that feature but theirs is a bit unique and makes it easy to feel like you are directing the show.

  • Screenshot of BongaCams website

Avatars make the VIP show status and upgrade worth the $25.00 you will spend.
Avatars make the VIP show status and upgrade worth the ($16.65 Euros) $25.00 you will spend.
  • Overall impression and Summary of BongaCams Reviews 

BongaCams was designed to be original from the ground up and you can see that while they followed user experience basics they didn’t make it a copy of other sites. Kudos on having a blend of styles and making the site very easy to use.



BongaCams 2018 Reviews Summary:

  • Payments Options: All the core options were there from Segpay to Epoch and CCBill. It was smooth and easy and I am sure you won’t find that to be an issue.
  • Selection of performers:  Unreal. There are more performers here (many of whom moved from other cam sites in the past year) now than at many of the top sex cam sites.
  • is anything but a scam and we can assure you of that. Overall I’d have to admit that BongaCams is perhaps the single best new adult webcam site to come along in the past 5 years. The performance is better than CamPlace and FreeWebcams (both of which are also new sites). Likewise if you read our review of most of what makes me like LiveJasmin makes me also a fan of BongaCams. Selection and value in two words. In all fairness it took me 20 minutes to get past the security measurs they have in place at BongaCams but I was so glad I was patient because too this day it continues to be a favorite new adult webcam site of mine. It’s just a fun site point-blank!



Direct Billing Versus Credit vs Token (WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW)

Before you even consider reading our sex cam site reviews you should first take a minute to understand that there are two business models in the adult webcam space for you to choose from.

Adult Webcam Site Types Explained:

Some adult webcam sites bill you direct on your card each time you use them.
Some adult webcam sites bill you direct on your card each time you use them.

There is direct billing and then are credit or tokens adult webcam sites where the adult webcam site does not allow you to just choose another model and then bill that show to your card. Direct billing stores your card and then make it super easy to choose another model the next time you login and start chatting. The truth is that direct billing is newer and when live webcam sites first started the method consumers felt most comfortable with was buying tokens each time they wanted a show. Many still prefer to do things that way. While others who use live cam sites for adult on a frequent basis prefer the convenience of direct billing.

The largest live webcam site in the world is LiveJasmin (review at that link). LiveJasmin uses a token a credits system. On the other hand Streamate (review at that link) uses a direct billing system.

Other sites like aka Livejasmin (cobrand) use credits.
Other sites like aka Livejasmin (cobrand) use credits.

There are proponents and positives of both systems and are job is reviews and sharing facts so we won’t name a better system. However, we will make these observations and then let you read the reviews so you can learn more about both of these leading sites. 

Observations about the two leading live webcam sites

As far as difference between streamate and livejasmin besides direct billing versus credits systems these are 2 interesting facts about these goliath adult webcam sites.

  • (Credits System) is the largest sex cam site in the world
  • (Direct Billing System) is the largest sex cam site in North America

Learn more about these and other leading live sex webcam sites here.

Flirt4Free reviews, Is it safe?

Flirt4Free Site Information

Flirt4Free has every right to be a little cocky and in our reviews of this site we share why. Unlike the largest live webcam site livejasmin, Flirt4Free focuses on QUALITY over QUANTITY. Discerning customers who are looking for very, very attractive male and female cam models who speak very fluent English, most of whom are from the U.S. call this site home.

Generally speaking those who are seasoned users of live webcam sites for adults know the name Flirt4Free very well. It’s a premium cams site that charges where $3.00 – $4.00 per minute on average is common pricing with the models. Many full-time professional American cam models (both men and women) are featured on this site. This also Includes some of the most expensive cam model shows in the world. Perhaps the reason why they can support this is also the basis for the decision to at least try out this site. Let’s delve in…

  • How works:

No different from any other live sex webcam site this site sells you a package of credits for live adult webcam entertainment. Thereafter, once you join and get your package of credits you will peruse rooms and dole out tips (using those credits) when you go into private chat sessions with models. You can either choose to just watch or you can stream back and forth and let the models see you as well. Of course you do not have to pay for anything and you can stick to flirting (as the name implies) but to get any real action besides some peeks you have to go private. What sets this site apart is the feeling of truly being one on one and the fact that few freeloaders go to Flirt4Free because it’s harder to be a cheap skate at. That is why we would refer to this site as a higher end exclusive if you will cam site.

  • What Flirt4Free models typically charge:

Expect to start off with a budget of say $50.00 and get a good solid 15 minutes of action for your 50 bucks.

  • visit-website

    Features of webcams

A very solid set of basic features but a whole host of advanced community options is what is known for. For example you can buy past videos of models here, see if they have a Twitter account and follow them if so; you can see their awards and a whole array of things you won’t find on other sites. Flirt4Free takes things up a notch

  • Screenshot of Flirt4Free website

Far from a scam, Flirt4Free is a leading live webcam site for adults.
Far from a scam, Flirt4Free is a leading live webcam site for adults.
  • Overall impression and Summary of Flirt4Free Reviews 


visit-website 2018 Reviews Summary:

  • Payments Options: Any major credit card gets you in and you can top up using the same. They do not store your card details unless you ask them to do so. This does makes things easier as most people who use the site use it more than once.
  • Selection of performers:  These days all cams sites have lots of performers but the truth is some of the most exclusive models use Flirt4Free because of the premium feel to the site. It’s for those who can afford the best.
  • Overall we’d be hard pressed to say anything negative about the site. Cons would be costs but considering the quality the pricing is quite fair. Some people would call the site a scam who maybe use to lower quality adult webcam sites. The truth is, “You get what you pay for here”. If you can cheap sex cams I’d suggest



Streamate reviews, Is it Safe? Live Webcam Review

FlyingCroc is the parent company that operates Streamate live webcams shows platforms.
FlyingCroc is the parent company that operates Streamate live webcams.

Imagine a place where you can go to see a gallery of the world’s most beautiful and exotic women and be able to interact with them 24 hours a day; as well as have them act out your personal fantasies for less than the price of a pizza. I just have to say that if you have not tried adult webcams sites you are truly missing out. I really find it amazing that 90% of guys, have no idea what they are missing out on at the top adult webcams sites. Welcome the reviews for my current favorite live webcam site for adults, and without skipping a beat I will get right to why; the technology Streamate offers is the very best just as the payment system is most consumer friendly. Lastly the selection webcam models is second to none. It’s also funny that while millions use the site millions of others have yet to try it because when they read that the site it free they think that there must be some big catch. THERE IS NO CATCH. There are premium shows and enough guys pay for those that it makes sense to give everyone full access and the total ability to chat with all models. This is about the only site that truly lets you have full run of the site without making you buy a package.


Streamate has a unique business model where it offers optional 100% private shots that are premium or paid shows. Enough people opt to buy those that making the whole site free makes the best business sense to They realize that once people join and see how easy it is that they will keep coming back…and it is that strategy that makes this site the best value i n sex cams.

INTERESTING FACT: No Streamate reviews would be complete or TRULY HONEST without saying that website is in fact the only truly free adult webcam site on the internet. You are not billed anything as free member and credit card verification is the trade-off you make for that TRULY FREE CHAT. Of course the full live shows where the most graphic things happen is not free but what is free is the actual ability to send messages and have the models reply. You can get full access without paying even a penny, and many do. This is unlike 99% of other live sex cams sites like LiveJasmin or ImLive where you have to buy a credits package before you get full access to do anything!

  • Prices for live sex cams shows at

For really quite low prices per minute you have the opportunity to engage live with these breathtaking sex cam amateurs and exotic porn stars. The prices range from 99 cents up to $5.00 per minute. However, I typically stick with the models that charge around $2.00 per minute which is most of them. It’s really fascinating to us that you can act out your wildest fantasies at this site and escape for less than the cost of two movie tickets. Streamate is really revolutionizing the live adult cam industry by offering a very transparent and easy to use adult webcam site and as  a result many adult webcam sites have partnered with them to use their platform.

Pictured model is a performer at the sex cam site called
Pictured model is a performer at the sex cam site called
  • visit-website

    How works Continued…

Streamate .com is super easy to use, all you have to do to get started is create an account and then once that’s set up, you can begin browsing the site. You will find that has a wide variety of women, so you are guaranteed to find a woman (or man…or even transgender model) that suits your tastes. This alone can be a tough choice, there are just so many awesome and beautiful woman in a huge list of categories, so you might want to take your time and choose carefully, luckily there is an “About Me” section for each girl so you can get a feel for what she likes and what her specialties are. Next, once that tough decision has been made, it’s time to get the party started! You will be able to chat live with her and even enjoy a private cam to cam show. The choice is entirely up to you!

  • What Streamate live webcam shows cost

Anyone who has visited similar sites like this know that women of this magnitude don’t volunteer their time for free. The good news is; the membership to is 100% free! It’s true, all you will need is your name, email address, and a password as well as any major credit card. (AGE VERIFICATION IS THE LAW….and giving streamate a chance at the possibility you may buy a few minutes of premium time is so worth what you get in return!)

Once this is done, you’re now a member. The only time you will be charged is when you are entering into a paid section, which will be clearly be marked, so there will be no accidental charges of your card and all transactions will be discreet, so rest at ease, you can enjoy all this site has to offer and your personal privacy will stay intact.


  • Features of Streamate webcams

Aside from the wide variety of women and categories to choose from, you also will be able to enjoy some unique features when using’s live webcams. You will gain access to unlimited adult webcam chat with any of the girls, as well as live cams in HD, so you can enjoy crisp, sharp pictures of all the sex cam girls. Another feature you will really love is cam to cam private shows, where you will be able to direct the girls on just how you want them to please you. (It’s optional if you want them to watch you!)

You can even save your favorite girls to check if they are online the next time you visit, and if you don’t see them, no need to worry, because you will be alerted every time one of them comes online. (IF YOU OPT FOR THAT). You may even see some familiar faces among other arousing features, such as Nina Hartly and Tia Gunn as well as other pornstars on cam. Last but not least, also look at the calendar for the times of some naughty special events they offer including the popular: squirtmania and wildoncam shows!


  • Overall impression and Summary of

In conclusion, is your best choice when it comes to adult cams for 1 reason, VALUE! It has all you are looking for and more in a live webcam site for adults, and that is really backed up by the mere fact that users are coming back again and again. Take advantage of the free account and enjoy all that offers you regardless of whether you just want to stay in the free areas or if you prefer live private shows.

visit-website Reviews – Is it Safe? adult webcam site reviews. 

Today we are going to discuss one of the most visited live adult webcam sites on the internet today. As a matter of fact rumors are that LiveJasmin is now more popular than top free adult tubes sites like YouPorn and RedTube. The site’s name is simply livejasmin. They do though have 5 other slightly different versions that are more niche to cater to different audiences. That being said the best bet is to use the main brand when or if you try the site since all models are available from any of their sites.

AWE is the parent company that operates this site.
AWE is the parent company that operates this site.
  • How it works

This adult webcam site operates based on a pay per view system in which users purchase credits using credit cards and the payment packages range from $0.99 to $2.49 per minute  once you do the math. Really that is a good price for live adult webcam shows.

  • What live webcam shows cost

The prices vary because some erotic models charge more than others, it’s usually though somewhere around $0.99 – $2.49 per minute and you can pay with any type of credit card or cards like Paxum. You can keep track of your account balance and add more credit to your account anytime and the credits appear in your account instantly.

  • visit-website

    Features of LiveJasmin webcams

The LiveJasmin webcam interface is incredibly clear and quick. The webcam streams are of high quality and incorporate an audio system for live sex chats. LiveJasmin Webcams supports pictures, adult webcam video streaming, and totally live sex cam shows. The webcam models’ classes include girls 18+, couple, lesbians, fetish, mature female, group, gay and transgender. You can easily chat with the models in your browser window hence you don’t require any additional or make any extra downloads. By simply logging into your membership account and loading a sufficient amount of credit to your account, you can pick a model, book and a private show. Besides the numerous ads that keep popping up while you are on LiveJasmin webcam site, everything else like navigation, search and image resolution work perfectly fine. Obviously the ads go away once you are a REAL MEMBER!

  • Screenshot of LiveJasmin sex cams

MiaGrey is just one of thousands of cam girls at
MiaGrey is just one of thousands of cam girls at
  • Overall impression and Summary of Reviews is an incredible adult website featuring diverse content ideal for devoted fans from all over the world. The site links users to a variety of beautiful, sexy and exotic male and female models from different categorical backgrounds who offer quality live adult shows. The models are ideally grouped into main categories: age, popularity, language, appearance, special, hair, ethnicity, status etc. provides high quality custom content tailored to your preference. Not only do you have the main categories, but some great sub-sections that allow you to find more specific models. The navigation here was extremely good and worked mainly because the categorization was so good.

Compared to other sex cam sites, LiveJasmin is near perfect for adult chat mostly due to the really vast international selection. Chances are you could spin a globe and fine a country with your finger then login to and be able to see a model from that country. Basically it goes like this….webcam models will tease you with their great looks and kinky fetishes into live adult webcam shows, you choose one after chatting a bit in the free section then simply go private, have your fun, and log-out. Chances are after you try it once you will bookmark this site for the next time you are looking for a little discreet online fun. You can start with a package of time for just $27.99!


Yes, it is a safe site and also used by millions.
Yes, it is a safe site and also used by millions.

LiveJasmin Reviews Summary:

A quick stab in the dark choosing two models at LiveJasmin resulted in the following outcome.

  • SarahAnal: Great adult chatting experience, was open to all kinks but I just had her strip and use sex toys on cam. 4 minutes total time spent in private adult show, total cost $ 9.60 / RATING: 8.5/10.
  • SassyCheerleader: Fantastic private show with a bubbly new cam girl. She was flexible and focused on me but also had a ‘not acting feel’ to her show. 10 minutes total and spent $ 14.00. Was well worth it!  / RATING 9/10.

These are just showing the experiences we had with a random sample of models. The bottom line is your experience will depend on which model you pick and not the platform. It’s hard to say anything negative about the platform as it is the most popular in the world, has cheapest sex cam shows, a wide selection. I’ve been a member 4 years and use the site a few times a week. Great entertainment in general and I would give the livejasmin plaform 4.5 of 5 stars, a solid two thumbs up!


Sex Cam Site Reviews You Can Trust!

Welcome to Sex Cam Site Reviews. (Find all our reviews at that link!). Let me start off by sharing why our site is DIFFERENT FROM OTHERS SIMILAR SITES.

A. Full disclosure. I AM NOT AN EXPERT. I just enjoy using sex webcam sites. I think for the reader this is good though because I am honest about my opinions and the experiences are REAL versus written to direct you to on site or another. The facts are just that’ facts.

B. I steer clear of new or low quality, unproven sex cam sites. I only write about the top 10 sites for adults to chat on webcams. This ensures I am not steering readers to any crappy adult webcam sites.

C. I have no horse in this race. The worst that can happen is you will learn which adult webcam sites offer what and what the key differences are.

With all that being said, the image below sums up the general theme of adult webcam sites! So let’s talk a little more about what you can find here…

This is what you can expect on sex cam sites, but of course with thousands of REAL models doing much more than ass shaking.
This is what you can expect on sex cam sites, but of course with thousands of REAL models doing much more than ass shaking.

Sex Cam Sites You Can Trust!

  • We do not write about shady or scam adult webcam sites. (Yes, they exist but I choose to not link to sites that DO NOT PLAY BY THE RULES!
  • We only do sex cam site reviews for sites you can really trust, meaning we focus on sharing the best of the best, the top ranked sites that millions of users visit daily. By sticking to the cream of the crop we can ensure we are not directing you to a place that you will get duped.

    A top model at one of the most visited sex cam sites.
    A top model at one of the most visited sex cam sites.
  • Our core focus is just on documenting the costs and my own experiences using top sex cam chat sites. Costs or prices for adult webcam shows, features, ways to save some cash, policies, differences in how the sites work and things like this are what we cover at Sex Cam Site Reviews!
  • Lastly I am writing our adult webcam chat site reviews in the order of the most popular to the least. Popular though does not mean the best though, instead it means the largest adult cam sites.



  • The most visited adult webcam site is (REVIEW AT THAT LINK)
  • The next most visited adult sex cam site is Streamate (my personal favorite site, but they are both GREAT!. (REVIEW AT THAT LINK)


Lastly, her a free offer for Let me suggest you start with the $27.99 package so you can get a better feel for the site and how it works before you invest too much.

Get 10.99 Free Credits!